How to translate source audio to English text using Whisper

Whisper supports translating audio in any language to English text. 

1. Add Whisper step to the Flow

2. Bind the video source to Whisper step, Set action to Translate to English

3. Add Transfer to Storage step to upload the result to your file hosting service (S3)


Source: the source file which will be uploaded

Host: hosting providers: s3 (we support Amazon S3 now more to be added)

Access Key, Secret Key: is AWS credential that has the write access to your S3 bucket

Bucket Name, File Name: is destination where the file to be uploaded. You can save the file to a specific folder, subfolder by using / as in the example screenshot above. If you leave the name empty and specify the folder only, an unique file name will be used for the uploaded file.


4. Save, Enable, and trigger the flow. Check the folder you specified to get the result video.