Save data with the Table step

Tables are a powerful way to save data/results from a previous Step in a Flow and which you may want to utilize later on in your Flow.

An example: say you transcribed some media and you saved the transcript results to a Table. You can then use these transcript results in a subsequent step to turn them into captions and burn those captions into media itself. You can save the URL to this captioned video back in the Table to easily preserve a record of it.

How to save data to a Table

The Table step allow users to save the different type of data (except a binary) to a kind-of spreadsheet for later use. For example, after posting a video to YouTube, you can save the YouTube link to a Table by a using the Table step.

1. Create table for where data is to be saved, or use the default table

2. Add a sheet & create a column with the appropriate data type to keep the data

3. Add Table step to flow

4. Setup Table step options

Set the Action to Insert

Specify place to store data by select  Table, Sheet Name

Specify the value to be saved to table by selecting tag (variable) for Values field.

In the example below the value is the Youtube URL from Step 1 (Youtube step)

5. Save, Enable then trigger the flow and check the log for the result.