How to import a YouTube video

If you want to use the flow to download videos from Youtube or Twitter then the Download step can help you do that.

1. Add Media Download to flow

2. Set the Action to Ingest video from youtube

3. Setup the Downloader Options

YouTube : is the link of the video to be downloaded, you can click to + button to pick the source URL from any proceeding steps.

4. Add Uploader step to upload the result to your file hosting service (S3)

Source: the source file which will be uploaded

Host: hosting providers: s3 (we support Amazon S3 now more to be added)

Access Key, Secret Key: is AWS credential that has the write access to your S3 bucket

Bucket Name, File Name: is destination where the file to be uploaded. You can save the file to a specific the folder, subfolder by using / as in the example screenshot above. If you leave the name empty or specifying the folder only, an unique file name will be used for the uploaded file.

5. Save, Enable then trigger the flow and check the log for the result.