How to use a Table as a trigger

How to use a Table as a trigger

If you want to keep spreadsheet alike data and you want to take action on new records added then Table Trigger is for you.

Every workspace has tables you can find it from the left side menu:

Each table includes one or more sheets. Each sheet includes one or more columns that can contain different data type and each sheet always have record Id colum.

And each row is where you store your data and in the example, above we have a sheet that stores favorite Youtube links.  Let assume that I would like to have a flow then when I added a new youtube link to this sheet the flow will download the video and help to upload it to Youtube automatically.

1. Create flow and add Table trigger

Set the action to On Insert which means the flow will be trigger when there's data insert to a specific table and sheet.

Specify the Table and Sheet Name where the data insertion will cause the flow to be triggered.

2. Add subsequence steps to achieve your purpose.

Add Media download step to download video added to Youtube Link column

Add Youtube step to post video downloaded from Step 1

The final flow look like below:

3. Save, Enable the flow then Go to Table and add a Youtube Link to the table (as in the screenshot below) to trigger flow and check the log for the result.