How to merge multiple clips into one video using FFMPEG

If you have multiple short clips and want to combine all into one final video so FFMPEG merge action is for that purpose.

1. Add FFMPEG to flow

2. Select Merge Action

3. Setup FFMPEG merge options

FFMPEG split action requires an array as input and each of the element in the array associate with a src clip's information that supposed to be combined in to single video:

Below is an example of an input array that tells FFMPEG to combine two videos: scene1.mp4 and scene2.mp4 into a single video.

"url": "",
"fps": 25,
"w": 1280,
"h": 720,
"duration": 15
"url": "",
"fps": 25,
"w": 1024,
"h": 768,
"duration": 10

Specify data structure to tell FFMPEG about the structure of the input array:

4. Add Transfer to Storage step to upload the result to your file hosting service (S3)

Source: the source file which will be uploaded

Host: hosting providers: s3 (we support Amazon S3 now more to be added)

Access Key, Secret Key: is AWS credential that has the write access to your S3 bucket

Bucket Name, File Name: is destination where the file to be uploaded. You can save the file to a specific the folder, subfolder by using / as in the example screenshot above. If you leave the name empty and specify the folder only, an unique file name will be used for the uploaded file.

5. Save, Enable, and trigger the flow then check the result.