Getting Started!

Get creating in a few minutes

Welcome to AVflow. We are super excited you are here. And we hope you share our vision to make audio/video application-building faster and better.

  1. Check-out the walkthrough video (1m30s) ☝️☝️☝️
  2. You need your own AWS account: create an IAM for the flows in AVflow to use.

    AVflow orchestrates the logic steps in the apps you design; much of it runs on your cloud, which is AWS for now. This is beneficial for many reasons such as you may have credits or preferred pricing with your cloud provider and ultimately you want to be responsible for your own data and for it to reside with you.
  3. Check out an example flow:
  4. Finally: this is early so we don’t have much product scaffolding yet but feel free to check out or ask us any questions via chat

I would love to hear what you experiment with and what you would like the ability to do as it helps guide our roadmap.

Thanks for using AVflow and thanks in advance for any suggestions and feedback.