Build better video applications.Faster.

Spend your developers' time building new product features, not connecting and updating APIs.

AVflow is a workflow-building tool that seamlessly integrates with the breadth of APIs common in products with video.

Drag & drop the APIs you need, in the order you need, and it's ready to integrate into your product.


See what others are saying

"Using AVflow.io is easy and flexible and will significantly help you get your product to market faster."

CTO, Bebo (acquired by Twitch)

"I wish AVflow was around when we originally sought to MVP and test Dropcam. It would have allowed us to focus solely on proving out customer value and get to product-market fit faster, undistracted by the need to manage complex video infrastructure."

CTO & co-founder, Dropcam (acq. by Google for $550M)

"AVflow has permanently changed the way we think about building new video products."

CEO, Crowdcast (Nfx-funded startup)

How it works

* Set the parameters.

* Drag and drop API blocks.

* Launch. Really.


The core of the magic happens in the workflow builder where you define the logic of your app. Set a trigger, such as a new S3 upload. Create the subsequent steps by dragging and dropping API blocks in, in the order you require, from our API library. Then add your credentials and set the parameters.


Tables look like a spreadsheet and act like a database. They can be triggers in a flow, such as a new flow begins when a new cell with a URL is created. Or they can be places where you save outputs such as a file's metadata to be used in a subsequent step.


We have lots of APIs to choose from but you may want to include a bespoke function. Functions are your code that run serverlessly as steps in a workflow. In conjunction with the workflow builder and tables, they make for a powerful system limited by only your imagination.


Plans include credit which are used when executing a workflow

* 1 executed step = 1 credit
* functions and some steps use credit based on execution time to run code

Transcoding is always free.

Why? 'Cause we hate paying for cloud file conversions.In fact, this "tax" is a big limiter on ideas and creativity.
0/ month


100 credits per month
Free forever
Anyone can build and run their multi-step application.
20/ month


1000 credits per month
Run premium APIs
Run custom functions
Anyone can build and run their application.

AVflow is in private Beta

Then and Now.

How it used to work:
$18k and 6 wks*

Read API docs.
Integrate API. Adjust parameters.
Test API. Retest.
Rinse & repeat for 5 more standard APIs. 😡
Est. $3k/week
*yes it always takes longer than estimated.

How it now works:
free to start and 5 mins

Drag & drop the APIs you need.
In 5 mins.😎
Save a lot of ⏳ & 💰 & 😖