How to crop/resize your video using the Cloudinary step

Cloudinary provides convenient settings to transform your video into different resolutions.

1. Add Cloudinary step to the Flow

2. Setup Cloudinary service options

a. Upload the video to Cloudinary

b. Transform the uploaded video

c. Set the transform parameters: Click "Add" button to set the params required for each transformation type.

Width: result video's width

Height: result video's height

Crop: crop/resize/fill/fill_pad/scale/limit/fit/pad/ipad

Background: work with "pad" mode above, the blank area will be filled with background color set here

Gravity: work with crop mode and valid value can be one of the following:

north_east, north, north_west, west, south_west, south, south_east, east, or center

3. Webhook to your system to update the result when the video is transformed successfully.

4. Save, Enable then trigger the flow and check the log for the result.