Human-powered transcription step using

You need better transcribe quality for specific type of video. step gives you a human-powered transcribe option for this purpose.

1. Then add Transcribe step to the Flow

2. Select "Transcribe" as the action

3. Setup the Transcribe Options

Source: the source file video

Human powered transcription request: checked for human-powered request. Unchecked for automatic transcribe request

UserAPI Key & Client API Key: API keypair

To find your Client API key / User API key, go here.

4. Add "Transfer to Storage" step to save the results/output of the step back to your file hosting service like S3.

Source: the source file which will be uploaded

Host: hosting providers: s3 (we support Amazon S3 for now; more options to be added in the future)

Access Key, Secret Key: the AWS credential that has write access to your S3 bucket

Bucket Name, File Name: the destination where the file will be saved. You can save the file to a specific folder and subfolder by using / (as in the example screenshot above). If you leave the name empty or specify the folder only, a unique file name will be used for the uploaded file.

5. Save, Enable then trigger the flow and check the log for the result.