Getting media in to AVflow

AVflow + Zapier work with your Box account to seamlessly ingest rushes/dailies/video

AVflow + Zapier are a powerful combo!

This article talks about how you can trigger powerful workflows with AVflow as media is uploaded to

First go to Zapier to setup the flow of Box to AWS S3.

(Feel free to clone the Zap here.)

Start with Box. Connect your account. The trigger event will new files that are uploaded.

Setup a watch folder in Box. I setup a folder in Box called "Zapier" (but you can give it any name).

AWS S3 should be the next step. What this means is files uploaded to Box will be copied to the specified bucket in your AWS S3 account.

In "Set up action," note the "Key" should include the folder you want to save the file to and the info name. (See below)

Now go to AVflow and setup a flow where the trigger is AWS S3. What this means is that when the Box files are copied to S3 with Zapier, AVflow will be triggered and start executing a desired flow.

Your flow in AVflow can be designed to transcode R3D rushes to mp4s or transcribe interview recording or whatever your project needs.

Here are some examples of creating flows in AVflow:

Make sure to turn on the Zap and turn on the flow in AVflow and you are good to go!