Burn-in the caption and timecode to video using Encoding.com step

Use AVflow to burn-in captions/TC: here's how to setup the flow

Encoding not just support transcode the video into different format, it also support burnin the caption (and timecode) to video. For example you can generate the caption with Rev AI step, burn the caption to video using Encoding step then upload the result back to S3.

1. Add "Encoding" step to the flow

2. Select " Burn-in" as the action

3. Enter encoding user id and user key so the transcode request will be submit to your account

4. Select "Output format" code from the list below:



for apple_prores format you may need to specific type otherwise leave it blank to use dedault value which will be ProRes 422:

apch — ProRes 422 HQ
apcn — ProRes 422
apcs — ProRes 422 LT
apco — ProRes 422 Proxy
ap4h — ProRes 4444
ap4x — ProRes 4444 XQ

You can also set additional video or display settings as mentioned here

5.  Specify the caption setting or timecode setting. If you would like to burn in caption you need to specify the caption settings (for timecode you need to specify timecode setting). This step support burn in both timecode and caption to same video

For burn-in caption settings:

  • Use Burn-in Caption: yes/no (to enable burn-in caption the value must set to yes)
  • Source: the accessible S3 link to caption file (.srt or .vtt)
  • Language: the language code
  • Font-size(optional): the size of the caption in the result video

For burn-in timecode settings:

  • Use Burn-in Timecode: yes/no (to enable burn-in timecode the value must set to yes)
  • Left: the position (in pixels) of the timecode from the left
  • Right: the position (in pixels) of the timecode from the right
  • Top: the position (in pixels) of the timecode from the top
  • Bottom: the position (in pixels) of the timecode from the bottom

6. Trigger flow and check the log to see the result