Trigger AVflow by uploading files to Dropbox + Zapier

Dropbox --> Zapier webhook --> AVflow

AVflow + Zapier can be a powerful combo!

You can upload audio/video to Dropbox and then use Zapier to trigger AVflow via a webhook. (Note: Zapier supports file sizes in Dropbox to be up to 100mbs. For larger file sizes, upload the media directly to AWS S3 and use AVflow alone)

Here's how:

So imagine you want media files uploaded to a folder in Dropbox to automatically be transcribed/captioned and have those captions burned into the video, then saved to AWS S3: with AVflow and Zapier you can create this flow in a few minutes.

Setup AVflow's flow:

Add webhook Trigger to receive the request from the Zapier flow:

Add the subsequent steps you need such as to use speech recognition and if you want to burn in captions and Transfer to Storage to save the results back to AWS S3.

Next: Copy the webhook endpoint from the AVflow Webhook step to Zapier

Setup Zapier:

Add Dropbox trigger and set trigger event to "New File in Folder"

Select your Dropbox account

Set the watch Folder. This means media files uploaded to this folder will trigger the Zapier flow.

Select Test trigger and click Continue:

Add Webhooks step in Zapier:

Select Custom Request

Set up the action:

Method: POST

Data Pass-Through: Yes

Unflattem: Yes

Headers: add apiKey as below

This AVflow apiKey that you need in Zapier's webhook can be found in your AVflow profile settings, which is accessible by clicking your name at the bottom left:

Then click on "Credentials":

Then click on "AVflowKey":

Select Test & Preview

Enable the flows in Zapier and AVflow. Then upload a video to the designated Dropbox folder to test and check the result from AVflow.