How to sync multiple videos with source audio for multicam sync

Multicam sync is available in the cloud from AVflow and combining a camera's video with sync sound. Here's how:

If you have multiple videos and a source audio that you need to sync it all to to get one single media file, use AVflow's multicam sync service. Multicam sync requires multiple videos and one audio file so in the example below we used the Webhook Trigger to pass the data to the flow.

1. Add "Multi-cam Sync" step to the Flow

2. Setup Webhook trigger to accept/parse necessary data into variables that can be used in the later step in the flow.

Videos: is the array that contains all the videos in the correct order (i.e. order them according to the time they were recorded)

Audio: is the link to access the source audio on S3
The data will be passed to Webhook Trigger via POST request. Webhook Trigger will resolve the data then return as variables later steps can use.
Below is the sample body of POST request:
//for the case user don't want to specify the start and end (use default)

 "videos": [
     "url": ""
     "url": ""
 "audio": ""

In POSTMAN the data will be passed to Webhook trigger as Raw JSON

3. Setup Multi-cam Sync options

Action: Select Sync by waveform

Videos: The source videos

Data structure: Describe the structure of the video array so multicam-step know how to parse the input data. Currently the key is not editable that means the input array must follow predefined format:

  • url: The url to accessible video file
  • start, end (To be added): Support merge part of the video not the whole video

4. Add "Transfer to Storage" step to save the results (i.e. the synced video) back to your cloud storage.

Save the Flow. Enable it (i.e. turn it on).

Then trigger the Flow and check the logs for the result.