How to burn-in timecode with AVflow

Burn-in timecode can be helpful when editing video. Here is how to use AVflow to burn in timecode onto your video.

Note: currently TC starts at 00:00:00:00 so this feature is about run time. In the future, we will support start timecode.

1. Add "FFMPEG" step to the flow

2. Select "Burn-in" as the action in the Step settings and "Burn-in Timecode" as Burn-in Type

3. Setup the Burn-in Options

  • Width, Height: Width and height of the source video. FFMPEG uses these params to calculate the position of the Timecode on the screen
  • FPS: FFMPEG uses this to calculate the timecode associated with each frame. (Supported FPS:

    29.97 (currently support DF only)
  • 50
    59.94 (currently support DF only)

4. Add "Transfer to Storage" step to save the result back to your storage. Save the flow. Enable it. And then trigger the flow and check the log for the result.