How to generate a subtitle file from transcription JSON

You used the transcription step to apply ASR to your audio/video file and received a JSON file. Now you want to turn that JSON file into an SRT file. Here's how:

1.  Add the step "Subtitle" to the flow (make sure a transcription step was in a previous step or trigger)

2. Select "Subtitle" as the action in the Step settings

3. Setup the Subtitle Options

  • Format: The final subtitle file format. Currently, we only support SRT format
  • Ratio: The number of character code to form a letter. Set this to 1
  • Full Stop Symbol: We use this to split long statements into smaller ones that fit the screen. In some language the Full Stop Symbol is different, for example in Japanese.
  • FPS:  The frame rate of the source video to be used with this SRT file. We use this to make the subtitle shows at the right time
  • Time Code: Just set it to 00:00:00:00 (this field is being deprecated)
  • Source: this in the input transcription file and it is generated as the output from the transcription Step

5. Add other steps as you need for your desired Flow. Then enable the Flow and you will get SRT subtitle files from the transcription ASR step.