Send success notification to Slack

Get a ping in Slack when your Flow successfully executes

Get a notification in Slack when your Flow executes successfully. Unfortunately there isn't a way yet to get a notification if your Flow fails to execute.

1. Follow Slack instruction here to create an incoming webhook so that we can send a POST request to that endpoint to create a notification in a specific channel, like below.

2. Add the Webhook step to the Flow

As in the screenshot below, we intend to send the notification of the result URL to Slack when the Flow runs successfully.

3. Select HTTP POST Method

4. Setup Webhook step options

  • Endpoint URL : The Slack webhook URL created in first step
  • Payload type: set to JSON
  • Data: Add key named "text" and the value should be the notification message,
  • because Slack use the payload structure as in the screenshot below to send notification to a channel.

In this example above we send the S3 result URL to the Slack channel.

5. Save, Enable then trigger the flow and check the log for the result. When the flow completes successfully there will be a notification sent to your Slack channel.