Save results with "Transfer to Storage" step

The "Transfer to Storage" step allows you to upload the results of multiple previous steps to storage using only one step.

1. Add Uploader step to flow

2. Setup uploader options:

  • Source : select the previous steps output file to be uploaded
  • Host: set to S3 for uploading to AWS S3
  • Key / Secret: set to the credential that has permission to upload file to
  • Bucket name: enter name of target bucket
  • File name: the destination where the file will be saved. You can save the file to a specific folder and subfolder by using / (as in the example screenshot below). If you leave the name empty and specify the folder only, a unique file name will be used for the uploaded file.

Notes: Add multiple blocks to upload multiple file to one or multiple buckets

3. Save, Enable then trigger the flow and check the log for the result.