How to publish your function

Same as sharing flow, if you have a cool function, it works well and you would like to share it with other users you can publish.

1. Select a specific function and select Share / Publish

2. Publish your profile (if not yet published)

Your function will be published under a profile so you need to publish your profile first

Select Yes, proceed, AVflow will open the dialog that allow you to update necessary information (Bio, Website) and turn on your profile.

Change the Publish Profile radio from Off to On, enter Bio and Website then select Update

our profile will be published and available for others to access:

3. Close the modal and click on Share / Publish function again, AVflow will open another modal to allow you to enter your function detail so others can search easily later.

Change the name to meaning full name, Add function description to explain the functionality and notes, select the relevant tags for being discovered easily

Select Publish

4. Visit the URL generated to check the result

You can share this URL to others so they can clone the flow to their own workspace and start using the cloned function in any flow.