How to publish your Flow

You created a cool Flow. That's cool. But it'd be cooler if you could share it with the world and let others clone it and get rockin'. It is like a recipe.

With AVflow, you can publish a Flow super easily.

Published Flows do NOT share any private/secret info in your existing Flow such as API keys. They only show the steps you took to create the outcome. Published Flows live on and people can clone it as they like into their own workspace. You can unpublish a Flow at anytime.

How to publish your Flow

1. Select the Flow you want to publish and select Share / Publish at the top right.

2. Publish your profile

You need to first publish your profile. (Then your Flow will be published under your name.)

If you haven't done so before, you will see the above screen. Select "Yes, proceed" and AVflow will open the modal for where you can set your personal info (Bio, Website) and turn on your profile page.

See below on how to change the Publish Profile radio from Off to On, enter Bio and Website then select Update

Your profile will be published and available for others to access:

3. Close the modal. Now click again on "Share / Publish" in the Flow again. AVflow will open another modal to allow you to enter the Flow details.

Change the Flow name to meaningful full name. Add a Flow description to summarize the flow functionality, and select the relevant tags to help it be easily discovered.

Select Publish

4. Visit the URL generated to check the result

You can share this URL with others so they can clone the Flow to their own workspace and start running the flow with their own config and data.


Your keys and other private info will never be shared. Publishing is like creating a recipe that others can "clone" and copy into their workspace to get going quickly. They can then add their API keys and turn the Flow on.