How to split source video into smaller videos using FFMPEG step

If you would like to split source video into smaller videos or just extract a short subclip from source video: use FFMPEG split action which is designed for this.

1. Add FFMPEG to Flow

2. Select Split Action

3. Setup FFMPEG split options

FFMPEG split action requires an array as input and each of the element in the array associate with to be extracted clip's information:

Below is an example of an input array that tells FFMPEG to split demo1.mp4 video into two smaller clips with different resolutions.

"start": 0.06,
"end": 15.06,
"url": "",
"fps": 25,
"w": 1280,
"h": 720,
"duration": 15
"start": 16,
"end": 26,
"url": "",
"fps": 25,
"w": 1024,
"h": 768,
"duration": 10

Specify data structure to tell FFMPEG about the structure of the input array:

Specify output format and target S3 bucket and folder to keep extracted clip

4. Save, Enable, and trigger the flow then check the result.