Functions: run a custom script as a step in a Flow

Say you want to run your own custom script, programmatically:

with Functions in you can.

The function step allows you to add your own javascript code (python to be supported soon) and run that as a part of any Flow.

  1. Create your own function

In the screenshot above:
#1 is your input parameters (define the params that you would like to pass to this script)

#2 is your output parameters (define the params that you would like to return from  this script so later steps can use them)

#3 the console output when you test the step

2. Define the packages (dependencies) to be used in the function

3. Define input and output params for the function

4. Add the code, save, specify the mock data to test the function

Note: In main function you need to return the data associated with the output config params

5. Add the Function as a step to any Flow and run it:
Drag the function step from right menu list

Setup the step options

6. Save Flow and trigger the flow and check the log.

(Checkout the sample function here)