How to get your YouTube Client ID and Client Secret

Find your YouTube Client ID and Secret to use as a step in your Flow

If you want to automatically post videos to YouTube with AVflow, you need to authorize this and you can get the authorization (client ID and secret) by setting up a "project" in your Google Cloud account. It is free to do this.

1. Go to: and Create a project

  • Clicking on "NEW PROJECT"
  • Click "CREATE"

2. Return to the Dashboard and Enable YouTube Data API V3

  • Select newly created app (in this example is "AVflow-YoutubeUploader")
  • Search YoutubeAPI and select  the "Youtube Data API v3"
  • Click "ENABLE"

3. Config consent screen

  • Select "Credentials" from left menu
  • Select "External" user type and click "Create"
  • Fill the Form with your app info with at least "AppName", "User support email" and "Developer email".
  • And Add  as Authorized domain
  • Then click "Save"

4. Set scope for the app

  • Check the scope item to allow the app "Manage your YouTube videos"
  • Skip Test Users setting by clicking "SAVE AND CONTINUE" (you can get back and update later when needed)
  • Clicking "BACK TO DASHBOARD" to finish Consent screen setting

5. Go to credential and create OAuth client ID for Web Application.

  • Click the "CREATE CREDENTIALS" and select "OAuth client ID"
  • Set the "Application Type" to "Web application",
  • set the "Name" for the client
  • set "Authorized redirect URI" to ""
  • then click "CREATE"

After creating the credential you will have the Client ID and Client Secret

6. In AVflow, copy them to the respective boxes.

TaDa! You have now authorized your YouTube step so you can automatically post videos to YouTube!